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27 April 2008 @ 10:50 pm


I just thought I'd update for once, lol. And I'm really lame with requests but I'm also really lame in general, so yeah. Just A's icons for now. Yeah, the icons looked cooler when I was making them but they too are lame, lame, super lame. :[ And so is this song.

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It's been a long ass while!!! Just so you know, I didnt finish all requests... I went through a OMGIMISSSWISHERANDZITO phase and yeah, that's where all those icons came from. And I thought I'd post some for now because I didnt want to make this post so massive.

And yeah... I MISS BARRY WILLIAM ZITO of the <2002 Oakland A's team. Pretty much. And the big three. I should be studying. Oh, oh well.

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I was inspired, by my A's. I'm actually happy with this batch. =]

001-013: Minnesota Twins, 014-67: Oakland Athletics, 068-074: San Francisco Giants

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This is my non-sports icon post. I hate making sports related icons. The colors are just too hard to work with for me. Or something. So I took a break from that. Really I just like the All-American Rejects and Regina Spektor icons coloring.

001-013: All-American Rejects; 014-038: Bon Jovi, 039-043: Hellogoodbye; 044-057: James Franco, 058-072: Mika, 073-083: Regina Spektor, 084-090: South Park, 091-108: Zooey Deschanel

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I am going to pretend I never made these icons and the only reason why I am posting them is because you asked for them. Ahh, these are the ugliest things in...the world. (And don't tell me otherwise, because I won't believe you!) I'm sorry guys. I just all of a sudden LOST inspiration and didn't know what to do with a bunch of pictures. If you don't like them I'm sorry. =[

All icons are shareable.

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